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Teen Summer Camp

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Summer Art Camp • For Teens

Deadline to register for July weeks: June 1
Closed.  Please email

Deadline to register for August weeks: July 1

This summer your teen can experience something totally new: an immersion into the world of traditional drawing and painting. Teens who join our Summer Camp learn time honored academic methods of drawing and painting. They also learn about various disciplines such as illustration, landscape, sculpture and more. And we make it fun, while staying true to classical methods. Because if  don’t enjoy themselves, they won’t be eager to learn. Not only do we expose them to Old Master Paintings, we also introduce them to the great Golden Age Illustrators of the 1890-1920’s.

Teens can take any of our regular weekly classes taught in the morning, afternoon or evening, or they can purchase weekly Camp Passes These passes allow for 8 classes in a given week for $450. The summer session is 8 weeks long and each is avaiable as a workshop week for teens, ages 13-18. Camp Pass students must let us know their class schedule for the week, in advance, before the weeks starts. We can also provide consultations. on which classes to take.

A wide variety of subjects will be covered,  including:
•Still Life
•Color Theory
*Figure Drawing and Painting

For Teens, we offer 8 weekly Camp Passes. Pass holders can take any 8 classes throughout the week, Monday – Friday, daytime, afternoon or evening, for $450 a week.

Choose the dates that suit your child the best.

Week One: July 8th – July 12th

Week Two: July 15th – July 19th

Week Three: July 22 – July 26

Week Four: July 20 – Aug 2

Week Five: Aug 5th – Aug 8th

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Week Six: Aug 12th – Aug 16th

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Week Seven: Aug 19-23

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Week Eight: Aug 26- August 30

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