Reviews and Press

Studios Magazine:
Excellence Without Rigidity

A feature article about the Teaching Studios of Art and the underlying philosophy that makes it special.
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Articles about our faculty, courses and workshops

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Professional Artist Magazine: Teaching Studios Director/Founder Rob Zeller

In this comprehensive article, Zeller explains the origin of Teaching Studios, and how he simultaneously manages the school and pursues his own career as a professional artist.
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Hits newsstands Jan 1, 2014.

Pastel Journal:
Jane McGraw Teubner

An article on pastel instructor Jane McGraw Teubner and how she approaches her teaching and her own work with the mentality of a distance runner.
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25A Magazine:
Nanette Fluhr

Nannette Fluhr is a highly accomplished portrait painter and a master copier. She has won countless awards in national art competitions.
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Fine Art Connoisseur:
Bennett Vadnais

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BENNETT VADNAIS – Simplifying the city

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Studios Magazine:
How to Get the Most From Copying a Masterpiece

An article about Old Master Copying, a class we run at both of our locations. Featuring Nanette Fluhr and Adam Millerclick on the image

An article about David Kassan and a workshop he taught for us at our Brooklyn location. Kassan then went on to teach the same workshop at our Oyster Bay location. click on the image

American Artist Magazine:
Far from Utopia

Two of our Brooklyn location faculty members featured on this article.Click on the image

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