The Figurative Core- Online- Trial Class

An initial trial class

The Figurative Core- Online

This consultation is done prior to registering of the full online class. Zeller will send you a questionnaire,  review you work and offer a critique over a 30 minute video chat.  For those artists who wish to continue and who want to develop their own, unique artwork, they would enroll in  The Figurative Core™.

Part of the process of becoming an artist is developing your own creative voice. In The Figurative Core Online, students will work independently on projects that they develop with the advice and assistance of the instructor, but which stem from the students own imagination. Creativity is just as important as technique, if not more so. But it cannot exist in an atmosphere that lacks independence.

The class is designed for self motivated individuals who simply need some guidance in bringing their vision to fruition. It’s ideal for those artist’s who wish to develop more conceptual pieces, or in creating a body of creative work that is not academic in nature. These projects can be for either personal or professional artistic development.

For projects in this class, artist’s are encouraged to work out of their own imagination, as well as utilize outside image references (photos, Old Master paintings, literary sources, etc) to develop their own unique imagery. Artist’s will not simply copy a photograph. Originality and re-interpretation of source imagery is emphasized.

Zeller will consult with each student on a weekly basis, via email and by Skype. Each student will receive a 30 minute Skype session per week, at the end of the week. The content and focus of this 30 minutes will vary by the individual needs of the artist. It is important that students develop independent voices as they learn to put their training to use.


After the initial class, the program is sold on a monthly basis. Tuition is $90 a week, with a 4 week minimum commitment. The program will run for 10 months out of the year Jan – June, Sept- Dec. The program will not run in July and August.

Interested students can register directly below, or find out more information by contacting Director Rob Zeller via our main number, 516-558-7367, or by emailing him at

Price: $90.00

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