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Portrait Painting Techniques Workshop

Saturday and Sunday, May 19th & 20th

Time : 2-5 pm

Instructor : Edmond Rochat

In the Portrait Painting Techniques Workshop , students will investigate the foundational elements of portrait drawing and painting.  The workshop will allow for 2 6 hour sessions with the same model so that each aspect of the curriculum can be thoroughly studied and implemented.  Students will begin with a study of basic proportions of a live model, then learn how to transfer that information to a two-dimensional surface. The class will then progress to the articulation of form by means of light, perspective, and structure.  By moving from the simple to the complex, students will gain a greater awareness of these foundational elements and their implementation in portrait painting.  In addition, topics pertaining to anatomy, design and color will be presented and tailored to the needs of each student.  Lessons will take the form of demonstrations and individual critiques according to each participants needs.

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Price: $260.00

Saturday and Sunday
May 19-20th
A two day workshop
Edmond Rochat, instructor

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