Portrait Drawing and Painting- Long Pose

Day : Wednesday

Time : 2:30-5:30

Instructor : Robert Zeller

Class Starts : March 6

In Portrait Drawing and Painting- Long Pose, students will  learn how to draw and paint a portrait from the live model in the academic tradition in a step-by step method. First the biggest, most basic planes of the head will be studied. Then students will move on to the smaller planes and features. All of these will then be converted into light, dark and mid-tone shapes.  Finally smoothly rendered form will be created by paying attention to the transitions between the various edges of the forms.
Then students who want to paint will then follow these 3 steps:

1. Block-in the portrait in pencil, then transfer the drawing to a canvas.
2. Execute a small value/color study
3. Proceed to make a finished painting from the live model using the color study and drawing as guides.

Students may simply draw if they wish.

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