Illustrating Children’s Books: Telling a Story With Images

Day : Thursday

Time : 10am-12:00pm

Instructor : Susan Gaber

Class Starts : Nov 2

Illustrating Children’s Books: Telling a Story With Images will teach students how to tell stories visually. When reading a picture book, what engages a child emotionally and visually? And what touches adults, the more experienced reader or artist? Creativity, humor, whimsy and wonder take center stage in children’s book illustration. This class provides an opportunity to learn about the process of making dynamic illustrations for a picture book.

This is a great class for adult students looking to learn to use their skills in a conveying a narrative, or teens who need pieces for their portfolio for college.

In 8 weeks, students will take a short written story and create visual images to complete the narration. Emphasis will placed on finding and developing your own personal direction and style while learning about the basic underpinnings of picture book illustration.

Students will have fun developing character personalities, animations and expressions while they learn to balance the illumination of the story through text and art. Multiple sketches will evolve to ultimately compose a book “dummy”, an actual preliminary book of proposed illustrations and type placement. This will be a map for completing the final picture book art. At least one fully rendered color illustration will be completed in class. Depending on your personal progress, length of story and style, you may be able to do more and possibly complete your book.

For the first class, please bring a sketchpad, pencils, an eraser, and one to two picture books you love. Please also bring a very short story to illustrate for the class project. It may be your own original, a folktale or pre-existing published story. Keep in mind anything in print is copyrighted by the artist/author who has created it so if you choose such a piece it will be a personal project for you and not a public one.

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