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Foundations of Light and Shadow: Step-Method Modeling

Day : Friday

Time : 10am-1pm

Instructor : Brooks Frederick

Foundations Light and Shadow offers a step-by-step approach to the fundamentals of drawing and painting in the classical tradition. A very informative and comprehensive class, students will learn a working method known as Step-Method Modeling. The term ‘stop modelling’ was used in French Ateliers- an abbreviated approach to drawing and painting that focuses on clarity of tonal structure. Instead of detailed modeling in the light mass, this process involves abstracting the light and shadows by reducing them to a relatively narrow 3-7 values. Subjects are drawn and painted in the “order of impression”- or, the order in which things are seen through a deep squint.

The building of illusionistic form is created primarily through the skillful manipulation of the size and shape of the halftone. This intellectual, yet intuitive approach can enhance other perceptual approaches and lead to more convincing, compelling depictions of space.

Student work pictured to the left.

Keys to Step-Method Modeling: The Order of Impression
1. shadow terminator/shadow mass
2. negative space
3. highlight/light mass
4. halftone

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