Foundations of Figure Drawing and Painting

Day : Wednesday

Time : 6:30-9:30

Instructor : Robert Zeller

In Foundations of Figure Drawing and Painting, two tracks will be offered simultaneously: Students at an entry level of drawing will study Barque drawing plates and plaster casts, gaining an understanding of the basics of drawing and painting itself. Students with more experience will focus a more specific study of the internal geometry of the human figure, and how it is structured. Armed with this knowledge, students will be able to draw and paint the figure more effectively. The first three lessons will consist of drawing from geometric solids such as the cube, cone, sphere and cylinder. We will study how the human body is made up of these forms. Careful attention will be given to their unique architecture and how to effectively model each form in pencil or charcoal (whichever of the two a student prefers). Then, working from a live model, these geometric solids will be applied to the forms of the body with special consideration given to the architecture of the figure. The anatomy of the figure will then be studied in the context of these geometric shapes. Each week will feature short poses to work on a given concept, and one longer pose that will last for the entire session. Students can expect to get one finished drawing per session, and many short sketches and anatomical notes.

Required book for class, “The Figurative Artist’s Handbook” by the instructor, Robert Zeller. The book is available for purchase at the school here, or on Amazon here.

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