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Foundations of Facial Features: Eyes, Ears, Nose and Mouth

Day : Thursday

Time : 10:00 am -1:00 pm

Instructor : Edmond Rochat

This class satisfies the Foundation requirement at Teaching Studios. It is the perfect class for students interested in portraiture, and are either unsure of their level of ability, or know that they need to learn more about the features.

Foundations of Facial Features: Eyes, Ears, Nose and Mouth teaches students to draw and painting specific facial features (eyes, nose, mouth and ear) and also learn the very basics of how to compose a portrait Students will learn how to capture gesture, achieve accurate shapes and proportions and will learn a variety of troubleshooting methods to ensure that their portrait drawings and paintings are accurate.

Students will each work at their own pace, copying plates from the Charles Bargue Drawing Book, George Bridgeman, Jon Vanderpoel and Andrew Loomis. Students will also utilize the school’s collection of plaster casts of eyes, nose, mouth and ear, as well as full portrait casts.  Once students have begun working from the casts we will talk extensively about the mechanics of light and how to depict light and form three dimensionally, within our 2D picture plane, in order to give a strong sense of depth.

While this class would be perfect for a new student looking to learn the fundamentals, it is much more than a simple “Basic Drawing” course. Even the most advanced artists will find that they are learning new concepts, methods and techniques, and pushing their understanding further, ultimately resulting in stronger work.

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Students will study Bargue plates in addition to plaster casts

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