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Foundations of Academic Drawing and Painting

Day : Monday

Time : 1:30-4:30pm

Instructor : Devin Cecil Wishing

Class Starts : July 9th

Taking a class in our Foundations Program is required before taking other classes at the Teaching Studios of Art. Foundations of Academic Drawing and Painting is part of a step-by-step, results oriented program. One of the keys to learning how to paint and draw in a classical manner is to start with a solid foundation. In the  Foundations of Academic Drawing and Painting, students will learn how to capture gesture, achieve accurate shapes and proportions and will learn a variety of troubleshooting methods to ensure that their drawings are accurate. Students begin with learning the fundamentals of drawing before moving onto painting.

Students will each work at their own pace. They will begin the program by learning how to capture the gesture of a 3 dimensional object and place it into 2 dimensions on a sheet of paper. Students will work from the general to the specific, with loose marks in the beginning, moving to very specific marks toward the end of the drawing.

Students will then move on to copying plates from the Charles Bargue Drawing Book. Afterwards, they will move on to working directly from the schools collection of plaster casts.  Once students have begun working from the casts we will talk extensively about the mechanics of light and how to depict light and form three dimensionally, within our 2D picture plane, in order to give a strong sense of depth.  All of the techniques and methods taught in this course will be directly applicable to working with any subject matter.  Whether you are interested in portrait, figure, still life or landscape, this class will help you gain the skills necessary to push your work to the next level.

Only one semester is required as a prerequisite to our other classes, but to cover the painting part of the course, we recommend at least 2 sessions of study in Foundations of Classical Drawing and Painting Class.

While this class would be perfect for a new student looking to learn the fundamentals, it is much more than a simple “Basic Drawing” course. Even the most advanced artists will find that they are learning new concepts, methods and techniques, and pushing their understanding further, ultimately resulting in stronger work.

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  • Students learn how to draw from classical plaster casts.
  • Key form concepts learned from drawing casts are directly related to learning to draw the figure.
  • After learning to draw the casts, students then learn to paint them in a monochromatic, black and white palette.
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4 reviews for Foundations of Academic Drawing and Painting

    5 out of 5

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    5 out of 5


    I have always wanted to learn how to a draw cast, and now I am finally learning in Devin’s Foundation’s class. He is an outstanding, consistent, thorough and caring teacher. His explanations are always clear and concise. He always reaches out to every student and gives equal time to addressing his or her concerns. As with any good teacher, his main goal is to make his students feel confident, giving them the tools to succeed. He does everything with conviction. I highly recommend Devin’s class to experience his teaching and his wonderful dedication in imparting his knowledge to his students.

    5 out of 5


    Cast drawing is essential to learning to draw correctly. Without good technical knowledge and a thorough understanding of light and form, your drawings and paintings will fall short. In my previous drawing classes, I did not receive clear instruction on measuring, value, light, and turning form. I highly recommend Devin Cecil-Wishing Foundations class. He is a master at cast drawing. His Foundation class will not only help you with cast, it will also be a springboard for drawing still lives, human form and more. Drawing is the cornerstone to becoming a good artist!

    5 out of 5


    I am now in my 2nd series of the Foundations course with Devin. But let me go back to my first class with Devin. I was in panic. I was so frustrated and scared that I could not master learning the foundations of drawing. I was ready to quit and give up. But Devin spent a great deal of time with me-sitting with me, clarifying, explaining, and encouraging. But at the end of the first class, I was still sure that this was just beyond me. Over the next few days, something began to percolate in me as I began to consider the absolute value and opportunity that I would have by staying the course and letting Devin’s fundamental skill and decency penetrate layer by layer. I did practice at home and now look forward to class with Devin. My initial panic has morphed into appreciation and gratitude. Devin is just a remarkable teacher and person. He watches, listens, thinks, and talks- a seamless amalgam of pure artistic nutrition. I have learned a tremendous amount in just a few short months- all due to Devin’s guiding hand. I struggle but it is a good struggle. I am thrilled to be in Devin’s class. He is kind, generous, and really really smart. And boy is he patient too….

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