Contemporary Pastel Painting Techniques

Day : Friday

Time : 9:30am - 12:30pm

Instructor : Jessica VanDenburg

Class Starts : Jan 11

Artists of all levels of pastel experience are welcome in Contemporary Pastel Painting Techniques.

By exploring the many techniques and styles available to pastel, technical mastery will be combined with the students own personal expression and style. A variety of subject matters will be covered and addressed, including: landscape and plein air painting, figure painting, the portrait, still life, and the urban landscape. Students will be introduced to the different brands and types of pastels, underpainting, papers and other surfaces, how to create their own surfaces and grounds, as well as “paper stretching”. Key elements such as composition and design, draftsmanship, light and shadow, and the use of color and temperature within a composition will be emphasized. Students will be encouraged and guided to explore the wonderful medium of pastel and its ability to create wonderful luminosity, vibrant colors, and rich textures.

Supply list coming soon. Bring whatever you have in the way of pastels for the first day and the Instructor will let you know what you need to add.

There is a special 20% discount available to new and returning students alike if you register before Wednesday, Nov 7th.

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